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FOUNDERS RESERVE MEDIA is a young advertising film and media production company based in Berlin and Munich, on the grounds of the Bavaria Film Studios. In addition to TVC and cinema commercials our range of production includes online commercials, viral videos, as well as image films and event trailers. Moreover motion graphics and 2D/3D animations form part of our current portfolio. A further big section involves transmedial projects and the development of so called storyworlds. In all these areas FOUNDERS RESERVE MEDIA provide a full-service package including first steps like developping creative concepts and frameworks right through to postproduction and final completion.



Mood Commercial Kare ROCKSTAR 


Director Jerome Gemander shot a short video clip, promoting the new furniture collection named Rockstar by Kare Design in a smokey moonlight look.


matorixmatch 2D animation


For software client Matorix Founders Reserve Media produced a short 2D animation presenting the exceptional features of the new matorixmatch software. With clear symbols and dynamic icons the film creates its own symbolic language easy to understand for everyone.


Commercial Kare Design FINCA 


As part of a fotoshooting in the Hunger&Simmeth studios, director Jerome Gemander shot a short video clip, promoting the new furniture collection named Finca by Kare Design.


Our address in Munich has changed!

Founders Reserve Media moved to new office premises in the Bavaria Film Studios. Our address is now: Bavariafilmplatz 3, 82031 Grünwald.

Our new phone number in Munich is: 089 21 66 8040!!!


Image film for the Museum of Egyptian Art in Munich


The Founders team produced the first official image film for the Museum of Egyptian Art in Munich. Over 2000 exhibits are presented in an impressive scenography which the film guides us through in smooth, slow and very elegant tracking shots.




New office in Berlin

Founders goes to Berlin!

Our address in the german capital is:

Bornholmer Straße 80, 10439 Berlin

Contact us in Berlin:

Phone: 030 98 35 29 57


Image film Kare Design furniture trends 2015


The Founders team produced the official Kare Design furniture trend video presenting the new collection 2015 of Munich's creative furniture producers. 


Renault Koenig - TVC

During two days in downtown Berlin the Founders and director Jérôme Gemander shot a TV commercial for Renault Koenig, the biggest german Renault reseller. 

"Deutscher Alterspreis 2014" for Route 76

 Founders were awarded the Deutscher Alterspreis 2014 for their ambitious transmedia project Route 76 starring Gunda Krauss.

 Kare Design: TVC, Animation, Opening-Event, Making-Of



For client Kare Design a number of films were created by the Founders Team in connection with the grand opening of the new Kare Kraftwerk location. Among them is a TV commercial, a documentary of the opening and a 3D animated building plan.

Imagemovies M-Net Münich Sportfestival, SportScheck MTB-Festival at Tegernsee



For two superlative outdoor sport events, the M-Net Mountainbike Festival and the Munich Sport Festival, Founders produced the actual best-of image films.




Musicvideo „Kare Happy“


In the Kare Design Headquarter the Founders team and director Jérôme Gemander this May shot a little viral video featuring Pharrells song "Happy". Multi-talent Vi-Dan Tran, who had already cooperated with our team for other projects performed a smooth mix of dance and tricking in his choreography, shot principally in the showrooms of Kare Design Garching. Introducing stunning one-shots and octocopter-flights this little film has a true individual and very colorful style bringing one single word to your mind: Happiness.


Music videos shot in the Bavariafilm studios


Shooting three days in the Bavariafilm studios the Founders crew produces two music videos for two completely diferent bands: Gankino Circus and The Clouds Munich. Both videos promote songs from latest albums being released this month: „Franconian Bogaloo“ and „With a new Beat Wave“. The Gankino Circus single is called „Sexy Kerwa“ („sexy parish fair“).


Founders Reserve Media wins a pitch and produces a short documentary about the 40 years anniversary Behindertenbeirat München (disabled persons council Munich). The film will be released on DVD with several bonus features (for instance with a sign language interpreters version and subtitles).



VGF Grant reloaded-TV; commercial for Munich Marathon 2013 

For the second time in succession Founders Reserve Media was awarded the VGF Grant for innovative producers this summer! The good news were officially confirmed at a time when the Founders team was preparing the shooting for an actual TVC production: The Munich Marathon TV commercial, which was broadcasted for the first time on August 23.



Media Workshop

For the first time our filmmakers were asked to organize an innovative media workshop at a school in Munich this summer! A group of ambitious pupils will learn how to use a camera, how to edit material they shot and in the end little information videos about several web services (like the online ticket service for public transport) will be produced under the direction of the Founders Reserve Media Team.



Further imagefilms

Founders Reserve Media this year also produced image films for: eMotors, Johanniter Unfallhilfe e.V. (Lilalu), Sommerfestival imPark12, the State Museum of Egyptian Art, the Skoda Roadshow, The Clouds Munich, Cantaloupe and the Sparda-Bank. 



Motion Graphics - Clever Cookobook

For the first internet portal for cooking recipes (Clever Cookbook) providing a service to calculate with a limited budget Founders Reserve Media produced a motion graphics film applying colorful animated text cubes. Motion graphics offer a wide range of possibilities specially for short information videos dealing with topics which are difficult to explain without text. Watch it on Youtube.



Basel Chamber Orcestra

In spring 2013 the filmmakers of Founders Reserve Media were chosen by the Basel Chamber Orchestra to produce a corporate film, an artistic portrait of the orchestra and it's international ensemble. To the Founders Crew it was a first professional journey into the world of classical music!



Green City e.V.

New Green City e.V. corporate film online now!

In 2012 Founders Reserve Media was in charge of producing the official Green City e.V. corporate film, a film that delivers kaleidoscopic insights into one of the most active and powerful urban organizations for environment protection in Germany. 

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgfwL-FKxfQ



Documentary 2012 - European Year for Active Ageing  

In the context of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012, Founders Reserve Media was mandated to shoot a documentary about the highlights of the project year, organized by the city of Munich and the MVHS. 

LINK (entire film): http://youtu.be/YS851NV-UFw  LINK (trailer): http://youtu.be/ngtRQb4txIY





Festival IMPARK12 

Two promotion videos Founders Reserve Media shot for Olympiapark Munich GmbH in 2012 are finally going on air! The films were produced during the summer festival IMPARK12, where the fortieth anniversary of the Olympiapark Munich was celebrated.


Dreschwerk Kollektiv

Founders Reserve Media produces the official promotion video for Dreschwerk Kollektiv, a group of local DJ's and visual artists from the city of Munich live during the Streetlife Festival 2012. Watch the interior ministry getting transformed into a giant screen for visual art! LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wws2URjWLik




Gankino Circus – Live

Founders Reserve Media shot a promotion video in Vienna during the new Gankino Circus tour! Guitarist Ralf Wieland and Jérôme Gemander have already cooperated successfully and with confidence on other projects: The Music for some of Gemander's Pictures has been composed by Wieland (including the short HOUNDS AND THIEVES in 2010). Link: Gankino Circus LIVE in Wien Further information about Gankino Circus: gankinocircus.de



Website online!

The new webpage of Founders Reserve Media is now online! Follow us on Social Networks like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.




Founders Reserve Media – Formation of a young company


In November 2011 the production company Founders Reserve Media is founded by Robert Zahn and Jérôme Gemander. The office is located in Grünwald (Munich) close to the Bavaria Film Studios. The founders and managing directors Robert Zahn and Jérôme Gemander had already been working together since 2007 during several independent and commercial film productions and are today producing international commercial films as well as their own little feature film projects. 




Jérôme Gemander and Robert Zahn are awarded the VGF-grant 2011 (collecting society for usage rights of film works)! The grant is annually awarded to young and innovative filmmakers who aim at founding their own production company.


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